Joe Biden’s Pratfall Is the Perfect Avatar for ‘His’ America

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On June 1, Joe Biden slurred his way through another angry-sounding speech. Then, as he began his triumphal exit, he promptly tripped and fell down in front of the entire graduating class at the U.S. Air Force Academy, their families, and the world.

Joe Biden’s pratfall was a perfect avatar for America under his presidency.

The president was immediately helped up by spit-and-polished Air Force officers, who didn’t ask what happened, but only if he was OK. Even so, after he was finally righted, Joe took on the posture of a five-year-old whose toy had just been nabbed and pointed an accusing finger at the culprit.

This pratfall didn’t come while Joe’s dead eyes searched for an exit. It wasn’t because he lost control during his stiff-legged Frankenstein shuffle.  Joe didn’t fall due to unfamiliar toe clips on his fixie.

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It was the sandbag’s fault.

The United States has done nothing but fall into even more disgrace under the leadership of this man, who has spent 53 years in American politics and learned little more than how to monetize his “public service” work and chisel his Joe Being Joe caricature.

Joe’s reckless spending before and after COVID is a shock to the budgets of working Americans who don’t get bribes from Chinese billionaires and diplomats to supplement their income.

Joe Biden wouldn’t extend one of his mysteriously stiff fingers to give all Americans a break on their grocery and energy bills by ending his programs.  He gives American tax dollars to his base. The rest of the American people he dismisses as “semi-fascists” who are part of an “armed militia.”

Joe is complicit in the Democrats’ whole-of-government Russia! Russia! Russia! years-long political hit on Donald Trump. His party’s FBI is deployed to fix elections. He has intentionally destroyed American jobs and our energy independence. He catastrophically bugged out of Afghanistan, a move that emboldened our enemies. One wonders if the Air Force grads remember that horrific debacle from August of 2021.

Joe Biden opened the U.S. borders to let in people who were allowed, as their first act of “deference” to their new country, to situate themselves directly under the teat of the American taxpayers and suckle with gusto.

This is how empires are destroyed.

And it is Joe Biden’s ignominious implosion of America — with a flourish.

After repeating his false story about being “picked by [a] senator” to go to the Naval Academy he had the temerity to tell the grads that they’d better uphold their oath, or else. “Your honor code says, ‘We will not lie, steal, or cheat, nor tolerate among us anyone who does.’” He continued, “So it’s on all of you to root out the scourge of sexual assault and harassment in the military and to never tolerate it among — never tolerate it; to make sure that every member of our Armed Forces, no matter who they are, who they love, feels safe and respected in the ranks.”

That’s rich coming from Joe Biden.

Someday Joe will tell the world that it wasn’t he who helped clear the way to spy on a sitting president of the United States at the January 20, 2017. meeting in the Oval Office, or who sicced his gunned-up FBI guys to raid the home of a former president, or who prevented his attorney general from turning over details of his and his business partners’ illegal and unethical behavior throughout his years in office.

Hey, man, it wasn’t me who locked Americans in jail cells for being within sniffing distance of the CS gas at the Capitol Complex on January 6, 2021, he’ll say.

America’s institutions are battered, unaccountable, and corrupt. Joe Biden won’t get us out of this mess. He’s done everything he can to make it worse. He’s the perfect avatar for his America. But for all those “armed militia” and “fascists.” as our president calls us, he’s fallen down on the job.

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