Sonic employee arrested after customer found cocaine after biting into a hot dog: Police

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In a shocking incident in New Mexico, an employee of popular fast-food chain Sonic was arrested after a customer found a bag of cocaine with their hot dog order, according to police.

Around 3 p.m. on May 30, a female customer went to the Sonic fast-food restaurant in the San Pedro community and ordered a “coney,” which is a hot dog covered in chili and cheese. The customer received the hot dog from the Sonic drive-thru.

The woman bit into the hot dog and then realized that she chewed into a plastic bag with a white powder, according to an incident report from the Espanola Police Department. The police report noted that the woman did not believe that she got any powder in her mouth. The unidentified woman contacted the police after biting into the tainted hot dog.

Police said that the suspicious bag on the hot dog contained “illegal narcotics.” A field test confirmed the substance was cocaine.

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The Espanola Police Department arrested 54-year-old Sonic employee Jeffrey David Salazar.

The affidavit for the arrest warrant noted that Salazar was seen on video conducting “what appeared to be a hand-to-hand transaction with a female employee,” according to Fox News. Surveillance camera footage caught Salazar then began making food for an order before appearing to frantically search his work area “as if he lost something.”

During questioning with authorities, Salazar admitted to police that he purchased cocaine from someone in the Sonic parking lot, according to the arrest warrant.

Salazar faces the felony charge of possession of a controlled substance.

The Espanola Police Department thanked management at the Sonic restaurant for their “immediate response” in this case. The management at the fast-food restaurant assisted law enforcement during the investigation by providing surveillance video that allegedly incriminated Salazar.

The customer is being represented by Merit Bennet of the Bennett Law Group who said they plan on submitting a claim once the reports are confirmed, according to the Daily Mail.

Earlier this week, Sonic was in the headlines after an employee was attacked by customers. The manager of a Sonic fast-food restaurant in Tulsa, Oklahoma, suffered serious injuries after two angry customers violently attacked him because their food order had been prepared incorrectly.

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