On PBS, Capehart Admits: Democrats ‘Champing at the Bit’ to Run Against Trump

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The Democrat and their media bosom buddies never seem to face the bizarre scenario they are pushing for 2024 — that Donald Trump is a horrible tyrant and threat to democracy who they can’t wait to crown as the Republican nominee. It’s like they can’t imagine losing again like 2016. On Friday’s PBS NewsHour, co-host Amna Nawaz showed President Biden basically tied with both Trump and Ron DeSantis and asked how Democrats see the race. Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart admitted they want MAGA.

CAPEHART: Well, look, I think Democrats are still champing at the bit to run against Donald Trump again.

I think the president is clear-eyed and focused that, no matter who his Republican challenger is going to be, probably former President Donald Trump, the mission is to remind people about who we are as Americans and what we stand for as Americans, no matter we’re Republican or Democrat, but we stand for the rule of law. We stand for treating each other with respect and kindness and dignity and respect the freedom and liberty of all of us. And I think as long as he stays on that message, no matter who he’s running against, he stands a better chance of being reelected.

This was the last thought of the segment, but if PBS had a conservative counterpart, they should at least laugh uproariously when the liberal says Biden is the candidate for respecting liberty.

Earlier, Capehart liked the idea of Chris Christie getting in the race as a “demolition car” that would whack at Trump, but strangely said that Mike Pence’s January 6 heroics insured he has zero chance. 

Former Vice President Mike Pence, I don’t know what his lane is. He is running for the Republican nomination in a party that’s been remade in the image of the man who incited insurrectionists to try to overturn a free and fair election, who ran through the Capitol screaming, “Hang Mike Pence.” I don’t know where he thinks his votes are going to come from that would allow him to surmount and to beat Donald Trump for the Republican nomination.

Nawaz asked substitute center-right pundit Gary Abernathy: “Is there a lane for Mike Pence in this Republican Party, in a primary, in particular?” Abernathy said no, “but I also disagree with Jonathan. I don’t think there’s a lane for Chris Christie either….I think, that the MAGA lane is the only lane.” He just said it’s a two-person race between Trump and DeSantis in that lane. 

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The first half of the segment dealt with the debt-limit bill. Capehart declared Biden the winner, that the original House Republican bill “had lots of drastic cuts to social programs and a lot of the president’s priorities. This deal does away with a lot of those things.” 

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