Baby In California Tests Positive For Fentanyl, Mother Arrested


A woman in El Cajon, California was arrested after her seven week-year-old baby tested positive for fentanyl.

According to Fox 5 News, Brianna Miller, 34,  was arrested for “suspicion of child endangerment” after her baby tested positive for fentanyl at a local hospital.

The fentanyl in the baby’s system was discovered after Miller’s father found his daughter overdosed at the Relax Inn Suites Hotel in El Cajon.

Miller’s father was giving the overdose reversal medication Narcan from hotel staff and gave it to his daughter which revived her.

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Medical personnel arrived shortly after Miler’s father gave his daughter Narcan but Miller refused any additional medical treatment.

Police and fire authorities proceeded to take Miller’s baby into protective custody and sent the baby girl to Rady’s Children Hospital where she ultimately tested positive for fentanyl after she was given a drug screening.

Per Fox 5 News:

Cajon police officers arrested a woman after her seven-week-old baby tested positive for fentanyl, authorities said Friday.

When the 34-year-old woman’s father went to check on her and her child at Relax Inn & Suites on West Main Street, he found his daughter unconscious on the floor from what appeared to be a drug overdose, El Cajon police said in a news release. The baby was on the bed beside her.

A motel employee provided the man with Narcan, a medication used to treat narcotic overdose, so that he could give it to his daughter.

It was discovered Miller’s hotel for the night was paid for by Equus which is a partner with the County of San Diego’s housing voucher program.

In recent years San Diego County’s Emergency housing voucher program has been accused of giving housing to “criminal drug dealers and fugitives”

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