NewsBusters Podcast: God, Pride Month, and Perpetual Indulgence

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June is Pride Month, so sanity and truth will take a back seat to celebrating untruth, like transgenderism and its demands. The Los Angeles Dodgers are using Pride Night to honor the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence,” a LGBT group that mocks Jesus, nuns, and the Catholic Church. This hasn’t been a big story in the media, because bigotry is somehow absent from the storyline.

But first we start with NBC News, which notes LGBTQ advocates are mad at Elon Musk for letting users “freely misgender” people — that is, describe people by their actual gender instead of their imagined one. NBC reporter David Ingram asserted “In culture war battles online and off, using pronouns other than what someone prefers is a common way to bully trans people.”

We explore Joy Behar’s rant on The View, Morning Joe pandering to the head censor at “GLAAD” — the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Debate — and USA Today‘s front-page press release for transgender teens and their sponsors at the “GenderCool Project.” CBS host Gayle King likes to buy from woke corporations that match her “values,” and Washington Post sports reporter Chelsea Janes claims the drag-queen fake nuns exist to “make people happy.”

Enjoy the podcast below, or wherever you listen to podcasts. 

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