The Next ‘Current Thing’? DHS Forecasts Power Grid Attack, Pre-Blames ‘Domestic Extremists’

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As the American people are led by the nose from one crisis to the next in a never-ending state of emergency, the globalist technocrats have been quietly building the narrative surrounding the next “current thing” for the liberal hive mind NPCs to lap up: a massive power grid attack that will knock out the energy supply to a huge swathe of the American public.

As the stenographers of the Deep State, we can track its latest narrative developments through the corporate state media, the reporting of which related to the purported power grid threat we will briefly survey here.

Via CBS News, Feb. 17, 2023 (emphasis added):

On the heels of a string of high-profile attempted attacks at power substations, the top intelligence official at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) remains “very concerned” about copycat attacks on the U.S. energy grid, driven by white nationalist narratives online.

“We’ve seen attacks against the power grid for a number of years, and some of those attacks are simply people shooting into substations around the country for purely criminal reasons,” said Kenneth Wainstein, undersecretary of the Office of Intelligence and Analysis at the Department of Homeland Security. “But some of these shootings are also being done by domestic violent extremists” who are trying to engineer a societal collapse.

In framing the purported motivation of the “white nationalist” “domestic extremists” to knock out the power supply, the DHS alleges that their ultimate aim is to force a societal collapse, on the ashes of which, through unexplained mechanisms, they would somehow create a white ethno-nationalist regime:

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The vision, in short, is that they want to take down the energy grid because if they take down the energy grid, they believe that society will then collapse,” Wainstein said. “And out of the collapse, [they believe], will arise a white nationalist government to replace the current government. And we’ve seen this narrative online among these white nationalist groups.

This is, of course, a laughably impossible objective. Even if the power grid were successfully knocked off, it doesn’t follow that the “domestic extremists” (all twelve of them that actually exist) would be able to orchestrate a “white supremacist” takeover of the government from some bunker in Idaho. Coups against a military with an annual budget north of $800 billion don’t work like that, and no serious “domestic extremist” not on the FBI payroll would claim otherwise.

So, as is always the most relevant question in the context of alleged “terrorism” threats, qui bono? Who benefits?

The entity that would benefit, without a doubt, from such an attack is the national security state, which would be gifted with a novel justification for an expansion of its powers as well as a brand-new reason to target its political opponents who receive the blame.

Via WFTS, April 23, 2023 (emphasis added):

Domestic violent extremists have in the last year increasingly shared tactics with each other on using guns to attack electric power stations in a move that likely escalates the threat to US critical infrastructure, according to a Department of Homeland Security bulletin obtained by CNN.

Following multiple high-profile attacks on US power substations last year, extremists have stepped up sharing of “online messaging and operational guidance promoting attacks against this sector,” says the DHS bulletin, which was distributed to US critical infrastructure operators on Monday.

Much of the reporting on this topic references the centrality of online communication to the alleged “domestic extremist” organizational structure. One of the main benefits to the national security state would be a pretext to clamp down (further) on internet communication by unauthorized enemies of the state.

The Brandon administration has prioritized combating online “domestic extremism” through increased surveillance and policing of speech. Via the White House, June 2021:

The U.S. Government will augment its efforts to address online terrorist recruitment and mobilization to violence by domestic terrorists through increased information sharing with the technology sector and the creation of innovative ways to foster digital literacy and build resilience to recruitment and mobilization. The United States also recently joined the Christchurch Call to Action to Eliminate Terrorist and Violent Extremist Content Online, an international partnership between governments and technology companies that works to develop new multilateral solutions to eliminating terrorist content online while safeguarding the freedom of online expression.

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