‘Shame on those who advocate this!’ Elon Musk says he will push ‘to criminalize making severe, irreversible changes to children below the age of consent’

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Elon Musk has indicated that he will actively push to criminalize the performing permanent gender-transition measures on children who have not reached the age of consent.

“This is a major problem. I will be actively lobbying to criminalize making severe, irreversible changes to children below the age of consent. Shame on those who advocate this! It is utterly contemptible,” Musk wrote in a tweet on Thursday.

In an April tweet, Musk had noted, “My position is simply that we should wait until an individual is mature enough to make their own decisions before other adults make permanent, serious physical changes to them.”

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Musk, who owns Twitter, has said that he uses people’s preferred pronouns, just like he uses preferred names, as a matter of “good manners.”

The Daily Wire’s Jeremy Boreing published a tweet thread on Thursday detailing the company’s experience planning to share and promote Matt Walsh’s “What Is a Woman?” documentary on Twitter.

Boreing said that the social media platform offered the chance “to buy a package to host the movie on a dedicated event page and to promote the event to every Twitter user over the first 10 hours.”

The conservative company signed an agreement, Boreing said, but after Twitter reviewed the documentary, the social media platform not only rescinded the advertising opportunity but also said it would limit the movie’s reach.

“After reviewing the film, though, Twitter let us know that not only could we no longer purchase the package they offered, they would no longer provide us any support and would actually limit the reach of the film and label it as ‘hateful conduct’ because of ‘misgendering,'” Boreing tweeted. “When we asked how much they would limit the visibility if we posted the film anyway, Twitter replied that our own followers would not be able to see it in their feeds. This, they said, is part of their ‘speech not reach’ policy,” he noted.

Boreing noted that the company planned to post the film on Thursday evening anyway.

The Daily Wire’s tweet containing the movie currently carries a “Visibility Limited” label that says the tweet might breach the platform’s “rules against Hateful Conduct.” Comments, retweets, and likes are all currently disabled on the post.

“We’re updating the system tomorrow so that those who follow @realDailyWire will see this in their feed, but it won’t be recommended to non-followers (nor will any advertising be associated with it),” Musk said of the Daily Wire’s post. “Commenting & deliberate sharing will be allowed. Sensitive content just won’t be pushed to people unless they ask for it or a friend sends it to them,” Musk tweeted.

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