Alameda County judge’s Rolex, wallet, and more stolen in armed robbery

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Alameda County Sheriff’s Office noted in a Thursday Facebook post that a judge had been the victim of armed robbery earlier in the day.

The incident occurred in Oakland, California, and while the judge was not hurt, his Rolex, wallet, and other items were stolen, according to the social media post.

“Today, at around 8:50 a.m., an Alameda County judge was robbed of his Rolex, wallet, and other personal effects at gunpoint after he exited his vehicle at the ALCO Park garage. The parking structure is County-owned and is located at the corners of 13th Street and Madison Street in the city of Oakland. We are happy to report the judge was not injured,” the post states.

There were three male perpetrators in masks. Anyone with information about the crime is being invited to contact authorities.

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“The suspects are described as three unknown males wearing masks. Alameda County Sheriff’s Office Investigations is actively working to develop suspect information and evidence with the assistance of the Oakland Police Department,” the social media post read. “If you have information related to this case, please contact the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office at 510-667-7721.”

According to reports, Alameda County Sheriff’s Lt. Tya Modeste indicated that the judge was Judge Kevin Murphy.

“Pretty much nowhere is safe in Oakland anymore. I’ve lived here for 26 years and it’s never been this bad,” a photojournalist tweeted in response to an Alamedia County Sheriff’s Office’s tweet about the robbery. “I personally had to evade carjackings about three times in the past three weeks, not allowing myself to get boxed in and backing out fast.”

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