He Who Must Not Be Named… Report: FOX News Employees Are Banned from Saying the Name “Tucker” on Air (VIDEO)


Our friends at American Sunrise on Real America’s Voice broke a big story on Wednesday morning.

Ed Henry and Karyn Turk from RAV’s popular morning show reported on a new rule at FOX News – NEVER SAY “TUCKER!”

It’s like a Harry Potter movie.

With a special shout-out to The Gateway Pundit!

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Ed Henry: you fire tucker, you kind of thumb your nose at your viewers on Election Night 2020. Look at the gateway pundit. Our friends, who we normally have on Mondays, obviously, we had a holiday this week. It’s official. So the Gateway Pundit now has more daily page views than Fox News primetime shows. Karen, have nightly viewers.

Karyn Turk: Wow, that’s good news for Jim.

Ed Henry: And you see these alternative sources of news, whether it’s Gateway Pundit, whether it’s Just The News.com, and now Real America’s Voice. It just keeps on growing. Now, I want to quickly get to another point about FOX. So this gentleman, Chadwick Moore, used to be a frequent guest on FOX, but he decided to write a biography on Tucker. Right? And when Tucker was there, they were like, oh, yeah, carte blanche, we’ll do interviews. We’ll do it now. Then they fired him (Tucker). They don’t want him (Chadwick). So they canceled an appearance the other night. There was a big hullabaloo, and he revealed that they had a new policy over there…

… He says, so they reversed that policy, and they’re going to allow you on if you have a non-Murdoch book. But then he’s saying that insiders at FOX, if you go to the next one (Tweet), are telling him privately that all on-air talent, Karen, have been banned from saying the name “Tucker.”

Does this surprise anyone?

It’s just like their anti-Trump policies.

FOX News is doing about everything they can to spit on their former supporters.

FYI – Gateway Pundit is a regular on American Sunrise every Monday morning.

Via Midnight Rider.

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