Dade Phelan must RESIGN after this embarrassing display

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Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan has attracted widespread criticism after appearing inebriated while performing his ceremonial duties during a recent legislative session.

Video circulating online shows Phelan struggling to form coherent sentences and unable to pronounce the names of his colleagues correctly.

Many conservatives are disturbed by Phelan’s performance and calling for his resignation — including Chad Prather.

“I think he’s spineless,” Prather commented.

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Prather mentions recent legislation that Republicans were attempting to push through in Texas that would ensure the CCP would not be able to buy land in Texas. Dade Phelan vetoed the legislation.

Prather says that Phelan’s decision makes him “a piece of s**t.”

However, Prather sees Phelan’s alleged drunken appearance as the last straw.

“That was a drunk guy who was trying to be the speaker of the House during a legislative session in the state of Texas, and he’s hammered. He can’t even remember people’s names,” Prather says.

“Apparently, he’s been taking notes from Nancy Pelosi,” Prather adds.

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