VIDEO: 3 Marines beaten and stomped after confronting 30-40 teenagers for being unruly at California beach

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Three self-identified U.S. Navy Marines were beaten up and stomped on by a crowd of teenagers after the group was confronted for being unruly on a California beach, police said.

Videos from the Friday incident at the San Clemente Pier Bowl area appeared on social media and showed a large group of teenagers assaulting the Marines.

Hunter Antonino, one of the victims attacked, told KCAL-TV that the group of teenagers were acting belligerent and firing off firecrackers at the beach. He said that he asked them to stop and that’s when he was hit in the head with debris and the altercation began.

Video from social media showed one teenager throwing a punch from behind one of the victims and starting the melee.

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Two of the victims end up in the fetal position on the ground while the teens viciously punch and kick at them.

Eventually two other adults break up the crowd and end the attack.

Here’s one of the videos circulating on social media:

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said they are working to identify the teenagers involved.

Sgt. Mike Woodroof said that the Marines were treated for numerous injuries at the scene but that they refused additional treatment at a hospital.

“The Orange County Sheriff’s Department will continue investigating this matter until all individuals responsible are identified and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” read a statement on social media.

They added that they were increasing patrols in the area to ensure the safety of the public.

KCAL reported that there were at least two city cameras in the area that should have captured footage of the attack.

“Look, this is San Clemente, Marines are always welcome here, always gonna be celebrated, always be taken care of. And that’s why this is so particularly tragic,” said San Clemente Mayor Chris Duncan to KCAL.

Here’s a local news report about the incident:

Marines beaten by large group of teenagers in San

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