RINOs in Texas legislature move to impeach ‘America first’ attorney general, Ken Paxton, who has battled against Big Pharma, Big Tech and the LGBT cult

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What in the world is going on with Republicans in the red state of Texas?

An investigating panel has announced that the GOP-controlled Texas House of Representatives will hold a vote on Saturday to decide on the impeachment of Attorney General Ken Paxton (R).

The development comes shortly after Paxton called for the resignation of GOP House Speaker Dade Phelan, alleging that he was intoxicated and slurred his words during a recent legislative session earlier in the week, according to Trending Politics.

The Republican-led committee has been conducting an investigation into Paxton, who won the GOP primary against George Prescott Bush, for some time. On Thursday, the committee recommended that Paxton be impeached on 20 articles, which include charges of bribery, unfitness for office, and abuse of public trust.

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Paxton blasted the allegations which he has called a bogus attempt to “overthrow the will of the people and disenfranchise the voters of our state.” He has also said that the charges are based on “hearsay and gossip, parroting long-disproven claims,” per a report by CBS Dallas.

“It is a sad day for Texas as we witness the corrupt political establishment unite in this illegitimate attempt to overthrow the will of the people and disenfranchise the voters of our state,” Paxton noted in a statement Thursday. “The RINOs in the Texas Legislature are now on the same side as Joe Biden.”

To proceed with the impeachment, a majority vote from the Texas House of Representatives is required. The legislature typically consists of 150 members, but it is currently one member short due to a resignation ahead of anticipated expulsion proceedings.

With Republicans currently holding a majority of 85-64 in the chamber, they hold the decision-making power in the impeachment process.

The anticipated outcome of the vote is currently uncertain, and it remains unclear how the representatives will vote, Trending Politics reported. However, since the possibility of impeachment arose, there has been an increase in statewide support for Paxton. Texas Republican Party Chairman Matt Rinaldi has denounced the impending impeachment as a “sham” and expressed confidence that the effort will be blocked in the Senate, the site added.


“It is based on allegations already litigated by voters, led by a liberal speaker trying to undermine his conservative adversaries,” Rinaldi said. “It seems Texas Republicans will have to rely yet again on the principled leadership of the Texas Senate to restore sanity and reason for our state,” he added.

Paxton was first elected to his position in 2014. Prior to his election as Attorney General, he served as a member of the Texas House of Representatives and the Texas Senate. Paxton has been a vocal advocate for conservative policies and causes throughout his political career.

The AG has been involved in a number of high-profile legal battles. He has been a strong opponent of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, and has filed multiple lawsuits seeking to have the law declared unconstitutional. He has also been a vocal supporter of Second Amendment rights and has worked to defend Texas’ gun laws from legal challenges.

In 2015, he was indicted on securities fraud charges, which he has vigorously denied and fought in court. The case has yet to go to trial, and it remains to be seen how it will ultimately be resolved.

But he has been a vocal opponent of the Biden administration’s policies, particularly its immigration policies, and he has continued to advocate for conservative causes and values.

Yet it seems his biggest political opponents in the Lone Star State are not Democrats, but RINOs.

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