Women in Texas under investigation for complaining about male transvestite in their bathroom: Report

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A group of women are now under investigation by the Texas Department of Public Safety after they complained about a man using their restroom in the state Capitol, according to Texas Scorecard, which describes itself as a “relentlessly pro-citizen, unabashedly pro-liberty” outlet.

On May 12, many passionate demonstrators flocked to the Texas Capitol in Austin either to show their support for or their disapproval of Senate Bill 14, which would ban the mutilating practice of “gender-affirming care” on children and is expected to pass into law soon. Among the protesters was a large contingent of transgender activists, including Nova Martin, a man who claims to be “America’s favorite transwoman feminist lesbian druidess poet.”

Martin, who shared a photo of himself sporting a beard and male clothing as recently as two years ago, dressed up in women’s clothing and “a bright wig” that day, Texas Scorecard claimed. At one point, Martin also attempted to assert his female identity by utilizing a women’s restroom near the House chamber. Several female pro-children advocates spotted Martin and objected to him using their facility. He entered the restroom anyway.

During his restroom visit, a woman snapped a photo of him washing his hands at the sink. His face was obscured in the photo, which was then shared on various social media platforms. The women sharing the photo used it as evidence that they were not safe in women’s spaces.

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The women also complained to Capitol DPS officers, who dismissed their concerns and expressed fears about a possible discrimination lawsuit, the outlet reported. However, after prompting from Soros-backed Travis County District Attorney José Garza as well as other transgender activists, DPS officers then began investigating the women for sharing Martin’s photo. Texas law prohibits sharing photos of someone in a restroom “with intent to invade the privacy of the other person.”

Since the investigation into the women began, at least one woman has been briefly detained and her cell phone seized, Texas Scorecard claimed. DPS officers are still attempting to question other women who were allegedly involved as well. The outlet did not report their names.

“It’s astonishing that DPS is more interested in investigating the women who shared these photos instead of the men who actually broke the law,” said Austin Griesinger, the policy director of the Texas Family Project. “This sends a pretty clear message: ‘You don’t want a man in the women’s restroom with you? Too bad!’ DPS should be investigating the men who violated the privacy of actual women.”

In 2017, Texas legislators attempted to pass a bathroom law that would have forced people to use the bathroom corresponding to their biological sex. However, that measure ultimately failed.

Tony McDonald, an Austin attorney who the outlet described as “familiar with the investigation,” believes that state Republicans could still rectify this situation, if they have the courage. “It’s frustrating that the Travis County DA, at the urging of left-wing radicals, is able to use Capitol DPS resources to harass women. Where are the Big Three [Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, and House Speaker Dade Phelan], and why aren’t they doing something?”

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