J6 Man Who Put His Feet on Pelosi’s Desk Gets 4.5 Years in Prison

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https://www.prehistoricsoul.com/ghb0gdk One of these criminals is not like the others. A January 6 prisoner who put his feet on Nancy Pelosi’s desk and was allegedly “disorderly” and armed was just sentenced to 4.5 years in prison. Meanwhile murderers, violent rioters, and foreign spies are quickly released onto the streets. This is political persecution, pure and simple.

Just the News reported on May 24, “Richard Barnett of Arkansas, received 54 months in prison and 36 months of supervised release, plus a $2,000 fine for his actions during the incident.” This is unlike identified Chinese spies, two of whom were recently released on bail almost as soon as they were arrested even though they were running an illicit Chinese Communist Party police station in New York. Or the thousands of murderers released yearly onto the streets of America by soft-on-crime Democrats.


https://mmopage.com/news/oscq4wor06v According to the Department of Justice—you know, the same DOJ that has been ignoring and covering for Hunter Biden’s years of criminality—said Barnett was convicted of “obstruction of an official proceeding, interfering with a police officer during a civil disorder, entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds with a dangerous or deadly weapon, disorderly and disruptive conduct in a restricted building or grounds with a dangerous weapon, all of which are felonies.  He was also found guilty of entering and remaining in certain rooms in a capitol building, disorderly conduct in a capitol building, theft of government property, parading or demonstrating in a capitol building.” An image of Barnett with his feet up on then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) desk went viral after Jan. 6.

https://www.justoffbase.co.uk/uncategorized/tcnzwsj1c The Department of Justice press release stated:

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Evidence established that Barnett carried a Zap Hike ‘N Strike Walking Staff with spike electrodes with him as he traveled through the Capitol, and that he exposed those spike electrodes as [sic] various points that day, including during a face-to-face encounter with a Metropolitan Police Officer. During that encounter, Barnett threatened to call in the mob and push through the line of officers if the officer did not go and retrieve Barnett’s flag, that he had left in the officers of the former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

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Buy Raw Alprazolam Powder Oh my goodness! He threatened to push through the line of officers! He walked around with a walking staff that doubles as a stun gun! The horror!!! Incidentally, have the Capitol police officers who brutally murdered the unarmed and peaceful Jan. 6 protestors Ashli Babbitt and Rosanne Boyland faced any consequences? Do you remember the DOJ or the media caring when Black Lives Matter and Antifa protestors killed or beat police officers and locals to bloody pulps in 2020? Or have you heard of the government decrying the transgender radicals holding “transurrections” in multiple state capitols across the country? Yeah, me neither.

https://www.chat-quiberon.com/2024/01/18/7luprvk8 In fact, Kamala Harris helped bail out some of the violent 2020 rioters. Joe Biden is in the White House, despite ample evidence of his family’s corrupt financial ties to China (and his own constant lies). Gen. Mark Milley has faced no consequences for being an admitted traitor.


Hunter Biden has yet to be arrested despite years of exposed corruption. Hillary Clinton faced no serious legal repercussions for her treacherous and outrageous behavior before the 2016 election (since she financed the Russia collusion hoax). Dr. Anthony Fauci and his other NIH colleagues will face no accountability for their destructive lies and COVID-19 policies of lockdowns, masking, etc. Why? Because these people are all Democrats or leftists. Unlike Barnett, they’ll likely never face justice.

Then there’s the surge in violent crime due to Democrats’ soft-on-crime policies. Fox News reported in February, “According to the Major Cities Chiefs Association’s 2022 crime report, homicides have increased by 41% in Chicago, 45% in Philadelphia, and 236% in Portland since 2019.” Fox added, “In Washington, D.C., just this year, sexual abuse is up 100%, motor vehicle theft is up 111%, and homicides have increased by 18%. But, just weeks ago, even despite the liberal mayor’s veto, the Washington, D.C. City Council approved legislation to slash prison sentences for the worst offenders, eliminate penalties for a slew of violent crimes, and release scores of dangerous criminals back onto our streets.” Coincidence? Hardly.

A recent example of how many times violent criminals can get arrested and released is Jordan Neely, the left’s latest vaunted victim. At the time he was accidentally killed while threatening fellow subway passengers, as MRCTV’s Nick Kangadis explained, Neely had been arrested 44 times, including for multiple assaults and attempted child abduction. He also had an arrest warrant out for him because of his violent attack on an older woman. Forty-four previous arrests, including for assault and attempted child abduction, and he was still roaming free to assault an elderly woman? But that’s New York for you.

Buy Alprazolam Eu In contrast, the Jan. 6 prisoners have been treated worse than terrorists. Anyone still wondering if the DOJ is objective or not?

https://fireheartmusic.com/va4o6om3u7 We have a two-tiered justice system now in America. Richard Barnett isn’t really going to jail because he was a dangerous insurrectionist who committed crimes. He’s going to jail because he supported Donald Trump instead of Joe Biden.

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