Meghan Markle’s ‘Women of Vision’ Award Is a Phony Token for the Who’s Who of Woke Politics

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The “Women of Vision” award handed out to Meghan Markle last week (before the almost deadly car chase that didn’t really happen happened) is just another example of leftists giving themselves awards and then handing out press releases so it will mean something. Gloria Steinem’s award ceremony is reported to cost $1,500 a ticket to attend. Who wins these awards? Only the activists furthest to the left of the political spectrum have a chance (and it’s not unheard of for public relations firms to just buy an award like this for a client to garner some headlines). The Ms. Foundation is Gloria Steinem’s money-raising scheme for all her favorite people: Democrats.

When you go to the website, you’re immediately confronted with the foundation’s directive to “KEEP ABORTION LEGAL,” because you can’t empower women without giving them carte blanche to murder their children! Way to remove all responsibility from women (and then wonder why women are so damned irresponsible). The site also details the foundation’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, “spotlighting” black women and echoing all our favorite critical race theorists.

This year’s awardees were the usual collection of Democrat it-girls. Giving a “Woman of Vision” award (what does that mean? It sounds like the qualification is eyesight) to the Duchess of Sussex — whom no one would know at all except she married a (now former) prince of the realm — seems cynical. She had a vision alright! She envisioned herself as Diana 2.0 but quickly realized that princessing doesn’t allow for much me-time, with all the state visits, charity work, beach clean-up days, serving the poor, and endless lunching for causes. She performed royal duties for approximately 15 months. It doesn’t exactly make her the world’s greatest humanitarian. (Nor does it improve one’s “vision” in any significant way.)

Markle’s notoriety had she not married into the world’s most famous royal family would be somewhere below late-night sensation Elvira and slightly higher than D-lister Kathy Griffin. Even still, after marrying into the royal family, the Duchess of Hazzard doesn’t rate above A-list stars in America because none of us really care about the royals other than for occasional entertainment. Hearing tall tales of the pair being “chased” by paparazzi in New York is spot on for the duo’s brand of hysterically exaggerating every attempt to go out in public. I hear Tom Hanks walks around NYC by himself all the time, dropping into local diners and having lunch unmolested by mobs of photographers. I think we can all safely say that Princess Pushy is no Tom Hanks.

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So it makes sense that the former royal couple found themselves in need of some good press after the total flop of their Netflix special, followed by the cringe Spare, allegedly penned by Harry, and being destroyed by South Park. And the only thought anyone gave them during the coronation of King Charles III seemed to be a sigh of relief that Harry’s drama queen didn’t show. Whatever PR firm they’re using now may have arranged for this bogus award for the ever-grasping princess-wanna-be to remain relevant and in the newspapers. (You mustn’t forget who she is! But also, mind her privacy!)

I decided to look closer at the “Women of Vision” awards to try and sus out what happened here and how this particular award was given to Markle. I thought it was somewhat novel that the Ms. Foundation was only giving a women’s award to women, but then I noticed that they gave one to a boy pretending to be a girl. Womp. Womp. Rebekah Bruesehoff is the unfortunate progeny of parents who wanted a girl and so they dressed him like one and took him to a protest where his picture went viral. Shortly after that, Bruesehoff’s parents jumped on the opportunity to make a star out of their confused kid. This family, like other families of “trans” kids, wastes no time monetizing their children. (See the horrible saga of Jazz Jennings.) Rebekah has a children’s book (of course) and his parents regularly stage photos of him that go “viral,” which allows them to grift on destroying their son’s sexual function through chemical castration drugs while pretending they’re good parents.

Mrs. Bruesehoff also has a book, Raising Kids Beyond the Binary, that you could buy if any of you should want parenting advice from someone who induced a mental illness in her son. Are there any parents of “trans” kids who are not profiting from them?

LaTosha Brown is another award-winner of the Women of Vision award who is described as “Glamour Magazine’s Woman of the Year after inspiring voter turnout [and was responsible for] three historic wins for the Democratic party in the state of Georgia.” They’re not even hiding it. This is not an award for anyone to the right of Sean Penn.

Another awardee is Kimberly Inez MacGuire of SEICUS, the organization pushing pornographic material as “sex-ed” on our kids in public schools. These people are monsters. All the way back in 1996, they made their goal clear: giving kids porn. noted:

By 1996 the SIECUS February/ March 1996 “Position Statement” for schoolchildren on “Sexually Explicit Materials” was more blunt:

“When sensitively used in a manner appropriate to the viewer’s age and developmental level, sexually explicit visual, printed, or online materials can be valuable educational or personal aids helping to reduce ignorance and confusion and contributing to a wholesome concept of sexuality.”

PP and SIECUS know it is illegal for children under the age of 18 years to buy, “sexually explicit materials” (pornography). Posing as an independent scholastic group, training schoolteachers, PP and SIECUS covertly desensitize and recruit millions of naive child consumers into lifelong pornography addicts. And COYOTE naturally profits thereby.

Ok, groomer. Isn’t it interesting how they never define what “a manner appropriate to the viewer’s age” means?

The answer to why Markle received this award is still not entirely clear. Yes, she gives homage to Black Lives Matter and all the usual tropes but she’s not very active in any causes other than her own foundation, in which it is reported she and her husband work an hour a week. Archwell isn’t burning up the world with charitable giving. It’s raised $13 million ($10 from one unknown donor) and has spent most of it on COVID vaccines no one wants.

Is it more likely that Markle’s people arranged for this award or that the Ms. Foundation executives really thought “There’s a woman who can teach us all something about feminism!” Of course, considering Gloria Steinem runs the thing and was famous for telling women to leave their marriages while she shacked up with a billionaire publisher, maybe one climber admires another.

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One thing conservatives are no good at is creating our own awards/fundraising events where we can honor and elevate the people fighting for the causes we believe in. Why don’t we do this? Instead, we sit around wondering why none of our people are ever nominated for anything and we moan about the news cycle filled with Democrat in-crowd posers. But I don’t see major conservative organizations starting their own “prestigious” award ceremonies (with good marketing) and inviting us all to attend. The only awards out there are so biased and one-sided they don’t even acknowledge another view exists, let alone acknowledge someone on the other side excelled at something. Handing out of awards to people we want to amplify is a major lesson we could learn from Democrats, if we would only play the game instead of sitting on the sidelines, keeping score and whining about not winning.

One thing’s for sure, though: the Ms. Foundation “Woman of Vision” award is nothing more than a phony participation trophy given to those who do the best at sticking to the Democrat narrative and donating money to the approved causes.

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