Joe Biden’s a LIAR — here are the REAL threats to black Americans

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According to Joe Biden, “white supremacists” are the greatest threat facing black Americans.

He made this very clear in a speech he gave at a historically black college last week.

“It’s never really over, but on the best days enough of us have the guts and the hearts to just stand up for the best in us. To choose love over hate,” Biden said.

He then continued by spreading what Chad Prather says are lies.

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In front of the historically black college, Biden added, “The most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland is white supremacy.”

“I’ve got an issue with that,” Prather responds, “because here’s the deal: When you say ‘white supremacy’ you’re just saying white people in general. That’s what you’re saying.”

Prather mentions the recent mass shooting in Allen, Texas.

The shooter was Hispanic, but Democrats, activists, and the mainstream media jumped to call him a white supremacist.

“So, anybody that’s not black basically is a white supremacist,” Prather says.

But Prather, unlike Joe Biden, knows what the real enemies of the black community are.

“The biggest enemies in America, and specifically to the black community, folks are not white supremacists,” he says.

Rather, Prather says their biggest enemy is “Democrats, and more specifically, Democratic policies.”

According to Prather, these policies have “consistently and historically kept them in physically, morally, circumstantially, spiritually, economically, psychologically, and emotionally impoverished circumstances.”

The second biggest enemy to the black community is again, not white supremacists, Prather explains.

It’s a direct result of Democrat policies, and it’s called fatherlessness. And Prather has the receipts to prove it.

“72.3% of black births are out of wedlock,” he says.

He says that this is more than likely a result of Aid to Families with Dependent Children, or AFDC.

It was signed into law by Franklin Roosevelt in 1935, who was a Democrat.

The AFDC helps provide cash welfare payments for needy children who have been deprived of parental support or care because their father or mother was absent from the home.

Prather says policies like this have been weaponized to incentivize members of the black community to be a part of single-parent homes.

But according to Prather, the black community’s true mortal enemy is abortion.

“You want to know what kills black people? It’s abortion,” Prather says.

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