‘Trans women can indeed lactate’: Man takes drugs to produce milk in the hopes of breastfeeding a child

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A trans-identifying man on TikTok has bragged to viewers that, after ingesting a cocktail of drugs, he has successfully begun producing a milk-like substance from his breasts and that he hopes someday he will be “breastfeeding [his] youngest child.”

On Monday, a man who presents himself as female and who identifies himself as nominal.naomi posted two videos to TikTok explaining that his male mammary glands have begun to secrete a milk-like substance. Dubbing it a “cow achievement,” nominal.naomi claimed that he was able to produce milk by following “the Newman Goldfarb protocol,” a protocol in which a woman who has not been pregnant ingests birth control pills and uses a hospital-grade breast pump to encourage the release of oxytocin from the brain and thereby stimulate more milk production. “I can actually make milk now,” nominal.naomi claimed, giggling.

According to the videos, nominal.naomi had two reasons for inducing lactation. First, he claimed that expelling breast milk is “interesting,” “cool,” and “biologically affirming.” He didn’t elaborate on what he meant by “biologically affirming,” but he likely meant that, by producing milk, his body was “affirming” the true womanly identity that supposedly exists in his mind. However, he elsewhere notes that all men are biologically born “with all the things that you would need to be able to lactate,” such as mammary glands and milk ducts, so it is unclear what else artificially inducing milk production has “affirmed” for him.

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The second reason that nominal.naomi apparently wanted to produce milk is because he believes he is soon going to become a mother. “That’s in the works,” he insisted, grinning sheepishly. “… I am working to induce lactation so that I am able to breastfeed our youngest child,” though the other person or persons understood by his use of “our” are unknown.

He also alleged that “research” has indicated that “the actual composition” of “male breast milk” is “identical” to the breast milk produced naturally by women, but Libby Emmons of the Post Millennial flatly denied that possibility. “Whatever nominal.naomi is secreting from his male breasts, however, is not mother’s milk,” Emmons wrote. “There is no evidence to suggest that males who ingest estradiol, progesterone, spironolactone, and domperidone, which is not on the market in the US, produce the nutrient-rich nourishment provided by actual women who actually mother and nurse their young.”

Rather than admit that critics like Emmons may have a point, that drug-induced milk expelled from male breasts is no match for the “nutrient-rich nourishment” of the breast milk women produce naturally, nominal.naomi hinted that bigotry is actually to blame for men not breastfeeding their children. Breastfeeding has been “gatekept from trans women,” nominal.naomi claimed. After all, “it’s just a hormonal process.”

He did not comment on other criticisms that male breastfeeding is a sexually driven fetish and therefore a form of child sexual abuse. However, in another TikTok video, he did proudly discuss the “weird sex stuff,” including “a**l sex,” that he enjoys. “It is somebody’s American freedom to get railed in the a** if they want to,” he claimed.

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