NewsBusters Podcast: Creepy WashPost Guy Asks Tim Scott If He’s Still a Virgin

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zcvvWashington Post political reporter Ben Terris is promoting his new book and reminded people on Twitter that he asked Sen. Tim Scott if he was still a virgin — apparently in 2012 — because when he was younger, he promoted abstinence until marriage. Liberal reporters don’t ask trolling sex-life questions to Bill Clinton or Kamala Harris, so why Tim Scott?

Liberal reporters routinely seem to have more discretion with the sex lives of Democrats, perhaps because reporters don’t see them as sexually repressed religious people. Questions about virginity are meant to embarrass weirdos.

Terris tweeted “Tim Scott will be the first prez candidate I’ve ever asked about the status of his virginity.” He said the initial answer: “I’m not talking about my sex life with Ben Terris.” He eventually implied “I just wish we all had more patience.”

Some insist that it’s fair to ask Scott about it, considering his earlier advocacy. But Bill Clinton claimed to be a feminist, and liberal journalists ignored it and told voters in 1992 to “grow up about sex.”

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We also discuss Ron DeSantis and the media hubbub promoting the NAACP issuing a “travel warning” about Florida, like it’s a dangerous state for black Americans. The NAACP is transparently liberal in orientation, so their opposition to DeSantis shouldn’t be all that newsworthy.

Enjoy the podcast below, or wherever you listen to podcasts. 

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