Glenn: Are YOU going to accept THIS from the FBI, DOJ & DC?

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Glenn Beck is a little fed up.

“You have two choices when you’re fed up,” Glenn says.

“You can either go, ‘Oh well, doesn’t matter,’ or you can say, ‘Wow, this is really kind of important. We should find a way to make it stop because we’re on the verge of losing our nation,’” he continues.

Beck believes that the FBI, DOJ, and most players in D.C. are working against the interests of the American people and covering up information that we need to know.

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“We’re not looking at a giant cabal, certainly not a secret one; they’re out in the open. They’re absolutely out in the open and they’re doing a bang-up job,” he says.

He mentions a fairly recent government failure: the Zodiac killer.

“Apparently, the FBI had the DNA evidence and everything since 2012,” he says.

The Zodiac suspect had been secretly listed in a headquarters computer since 2016, with partial DNA safely secured at Quantico.

The Zodiac suspect has since passed away, but not by the government’s hand.

“Unfortunately, they didn’t do anything about it. They were like, ‘Ah, we’re busy on other things, we got other things we gotta do,’” Glenn says.

He mentions the way the government treats whistleblowers, saying, “Wait until you see what they’re doing to them.”

“Why do you think they’re doing that? Because they’re telling every FBI agent, you stay in place. They’re telling every IRS agent, you sit down and shut up. They are making these people’s lives miserable, and it’s dangerous,” Glenn continues.

According to Glenn, they’re telling us all to “sit down and shut up.”

“I’m not going to sit down and shut up.”

“I worry about these whistleblowers. This is dangerous stuff now in America. But the good guys win. The good guys win. We win. We just have to stay together and stand together,” Beck finishes.

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