Irony: GarageGate Biden’s DOD Lectures Military About Handling Classified Docs

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Commander-in-Chief (or Meanderer-in-Chief) Joe Biden has been caught illicitly stashing classified documents in locations including his garage, Chinatown, and a university center with Chinese funding. Yet despite that, following the months-long leak of classified documents onto the internet, Biden’s Department of Defense (DOD) is self-righteously lecturing military members on being hyper-careful with classified documents. It seems a good time to tell military leadership to lead by example.

I want to make clear that I am not making fun of the importance of safeguarding classified documents. This leak is a dangerous situation. But I am highlighting the hypocrisy of Biden’s DOD pretending to prioritize the safekeeping of classified information.

Joe Biden illicitly stored classified documents in multiple locations. One was the Biden Center at the University of Pennsylvania, at a time when UPenn was getting millions in funding from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Another location, in an infamous discovery dubbed “GarageGate,” was the garage of Biden’s Delaware home. Nothing like shoving classified documents in a box behind your car for secure storage! Biden also stored documents in D.C.’s Chinatown, not to mention that the Biden family, including Joe’s son Hunter, have received payouts from Chinese elites.

Then there’s the fact that Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark “Wreck-It Ralph” Milley is also a traitor, having told America’s enemy the CCP he would give notice if then-President Trump were going to attack. Let’s just say that military commanders these days are hardly role models for the responsible treatment of sensitive information.

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On April 12, the DOD released a “MEMORANDUM FOR SENIOR PENTAGON LEADERSHIP COMMANDERS OF THE COMBATANT COMMANDS DEFENSE AGENCY AND DOD FIELD ACTIVITY DIRECTORS.” The memo was about “Department of Defense Guidance on Safeguarding Responsibilities Regarding Classified Information.” To make a long memo short, it was all about how tremendously important it is to be very, very careful with classified documents. Maybe someone should give the memo to Commander-in-Chief Biden — he seems a little unclear on the subject.

”All personnel should refrain from speculating about unauthorized disclosures and should take care not to discuss classified information with any person not authorized to receive such information,” the memo lectured. A little too late for that. Maybe next time the federal government should try to notice the leak before it has spent weeks circulating on Twitter and Discord.

Do not access or download documents with classified markings from unclassified websites — either from home or work — as the data may be classified, it may be associated with hostile foreign elements, or it may contain malicious code or embedded capabilities that could introduce cyber threats into our information systems,” the memo continued. Again, Pentagon personnel are at fault somehow if they look at classified documents posted on social media that the DOD allegedly didn’t notice until it was a huge media story?

The memo ends, “Personnel with access to classified information are trusted stewards of that information and the responsibility to safeguard classified information is a lifetime requirement for each individual granted a security clearance.” Unless you become a Democrat politician, of course. Then you can sell classified information to the enemy and get away scot-free! The DOD memo further instructs military personnel to direct any congressional or media requests to the DOD Office of Public Affairs or the DOD Office of Legislative Affairs.

Once again, I’m not mocking the idea that classified information should be safeguarded. It should. That’s the idea of having to get a security clearance to access these documents (though that’s a lot easier to do than you might think). All I’m saying is that it’s incredibly hypocritical for the DOD, headed by leaders including traitor Gen. Milley and the king of classified document scandals (Biden), to take the high moral tone on safeguarding classified information. It’s a clear case of “Do what I say, and most definitely not what I do.”

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