Short Video Clips from President Trump’s Record-Setting Rally in Anchorage, Alaska


President Trump was on fire tonight in Alaska.  The 45th President was at his best.  

Below are several exceptional segments from tonight’s Trump rally in Alaska. 

The crowd set a new record in the history of Alaska.

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TRENDING: RSBN LIVE STREAM: President Trump Rally in Anchorage, Alaska Today (Trump Speaks at 8pm Eastern)

The arena owner said this was a record gathering that won’t be beaten.

The five worst Presidents in history combined didn’t do the damage Biden has done in less than 2 years.

President Trump dropped an F-bomb when describing military officer sharing how to take out ISIS.  A few days later Trump gave the order.  A few weeks later 100% of ISIS was gone.  (Obama said ISIS would be around for a generation.)

President Trump also called out rank choice voting which is garbage.

My God the crowd was massive.  No way Biden won.

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