‘Unwoke’ With Kevin and Kruiser #28: SCOTUS Speculation While Enjoying Stiff Manhattans

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The big news to a lot of Americans last week was the announcement that Justice Stephen Breyer would be retiring from the Supreme Court. This gave Oval Office puppet Joe Biden and opportunity to do what Democrats do best: play identity politics and pretend that it’s a substitute for virtue.

The real news here in my neck of the woods — and on this podcast episode — was that I tried a Manhattan for the first time.


You know me, I’m not the fanciest guy when it comes to cocktails. Once an ice cube is added to a drink it’s usually getting a little involved for me. Kevin and our friend VodkaPundit have been rubbing off on me, however, and I’m drinking outside of my comfort zone lately.

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We do go over the SCOTUS stuff too, but there’s a lot of booze and entertainment talk in this episode.

Because we’re fun.


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