Pennsylvania Official Appears To Admit Election Laws Were Broken In 2020 (VIDEO)


A new video has surfaced which shows an official in Pennsylvania who seems to suggest that election laws were not followed in the 2020 election.

This is going to fuel already existing skepticism over the election.

Millions of Americans question the outcome in several states, including Pennsylvania.

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The Federalist reports:

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Video Shows Pennsylvania Official Admitting Election Laws Were Broken In 2020

“So, we’re going to actually follow the law fully this time,” Delaware County, Pennsylvania’s Christina Perrone told fellow election-related workers during a Zoom meeting after the November 2020 election. This video—the latest obtained by The Federalist—provides yet another example of widespread violations of election law during the last presidential election.

Regina Miller, a contract worker for the large Pennsylvania county, filmed the video of the April 7, 2021 Zoom meeting, which involved voting officials discussing plans for the upcoming elections, according to sources familiar with the recording. The video began with Perrone, who, according to a lawsuit filed against her, other Delaware County officials, and the county, served as a project manager for the county, saying they would “talk about that off-line”—with the “that” not specified.

The remainder of the clip, however, gave some clues, with Perrone saying she had a brief conversation with “Jim,” “and this time it’s much different than last time because we’re going to have them sign oaths. There’re going to be W4s and we need them to sign something allowing somebody else to pick up. So, we’re going to actually follow the law fully this time,” Perrone ended with a laugh.

Here’s the video:

[embedded content]

Will anyone in the corporate media track this woman down and ask her specifically what she meant in those comments?

It’s far more likely, that they’ll accuse anyone who brings this up of spreading consipracy theories.

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