Germany’s Nuclear Phaseout Ignores Energy Realities

The nuclear power plant in Gundremmingen, Germany, whose last unit will be shut down at the turn of the year, December 29, 2021. (Lukas Barth/Reuters)
The country — and others phasing out reliable nuclear capacity — are rejecting a valuable energy source at their own peril.


hen the EU Commission proposed that both nuclear and natural-gas power be given “green” designations in its “taxonomy for sustainable businesses,” Germany’s new unwieldy governing coalition made its displeasure quite clear. The German government is united in its opposition to the inclusion of nuclear but is divided over the inclusion of gas, with the Free Democratic Party and Social Democratic Party supporting it and the Green Party opposing it. Yet the country has also shown that its commitment to reducing greenhouse-gas emissions is predicated on unrealistic notions about what generation sources can be used to achieve its aims.

The country’s plan …

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