Biden Misses the Senate’s Point

President Joe Biden speaks to a crowd at the Atlanta University Center Consortium, part of both Morehouse College and Clark Atlanta University, in Atlanta, Ga., January 11, 2022. (Megan Varner/Getty Images)
The upper chamber was never meant to be an instrument of vulgar majoritarianism.


ill you stand for democracy?” Joe Biden asks. That has the grammatical form of a question, but it is not really a question. The real question is, “Will you stand for gross majoritarianism?” And the answer should be, for all Americans, “No.”

Not that the Democrats are even much interested in majorities right now. As Charles C. W. Cooke has documented at amusing length, Democrats such as Chuck Schumer and Bernie Sanders are consistently befuddled and irritated that 48 senators out of 100 do not make a majority and cannot do their will when 52 senators oppose them. “Why should two

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