Biden’s Policies Are Going To Make The Situation At The Southern Border Even Worse In 2022


America’s southern border was under assault for almost all of the year 2021. Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants walked across the border and the Biden administration did nothing to stop it.

Here’s the really bad news. Things are likely to get even worse in 2022.

Biden has made it clear that the door is open and people will continue to walk through it, unimpeded.

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Mark Brnovich is th Attorney General of Arizona. He writes at FOX News:

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New year, same failed Biden policies at our southern border—and things will only get worse in 2022

We’ve entered a new year, but we are still seeing the old, failed policies along America’s southern border that created one of the worst security crises in our nation’s history.

I and many other attorneys general around the nation are using all the tools we have to protect our communities. But the catastrophe will continue to escalate in 2022.

Americans should be greatly alarmed about the man-made disaster that the Biden administration continues to perpetuate at our own southern border. The Biden administration is intentionally ignoring federal laws and thus incentivizing mass illegal immigration into our country.

While there are varying theories about what it may be hoping to achieve, we don’t know for sure. What we do know, is that the United States is being damaged on many fronts by this lawlessness, and all Americans are now facing escalating hazards from illegal drugs and dangerous criminals that are entering our communities.

Right now, we are seeing more illegal and especially dangerous drugs pour into our country than ever before. Since July 2021, Arizona law enforcement alone has indicted 320 individuals in cases involving drug trafficking.

Democrats are too busy talking about January 6th to care about national security.

The midterms are coming.

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