Women’s March group apologizes for their triggering use of the number $14.92 in email report

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An anti-Trump political organization apologized for using the number $14.92 in an email report without recognizing the historically traumatic effect of that number.

The Women’s March account apologized for the inclusion of the number in an email reporting what their average donations had been. Unfortunately, for those who received the email, that number also is the year that Christopher Columbus is believed to have landed in the New World.

The official account of the Women’s March posted the apology on Tuesday.

“We apologize deeply for the email that was sent today. $14.92 was our average donation amount this week,” the account tweeted.

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“It was an oversight on our part to not make the connection to a year of colonization, conquest, and genocide for Indigenous people, especially before Thanksgiving,” they added.

According to Mediaite, the email asked receivers to donate $14.92 with the email title, “$14.92.”

Critics of the organization immediately jumped on the apology to mock Women’s March and their supporters.

“This is perhaps the most hypocritical virtue-signaling tweet I have ever seen. And that is really saying something,” replied Dr. Jordan Peterson.

“Keeping all of your email recipients in mind at this difficult time,” tweeted Federalist editor Emily Jashinsky.

“Let’s all chip in and raise the amount to $17.76. Then they’ll really lose their minds,” joked Fox News contributor Ari Fleischer.

“Wokeness has moved past policing language to quasi-mystical numerology,” replied Washington Post columnist Megan McArdle.

“Irony is dead. Happy Thanksgiving!” responded Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who also used the occasion to raise funds for his political campaign.

Women’s March was organized as a liberal response to the presidential election of Donald Trump in 2016. The group sponsored protests with millions of women across the nation, but it was wracked with controversy in 2018 when a co-founder accused the co-chairs of bigotry and demanded that they step down.

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