JUST IN: House Votes 219-206 Along Party Lines to Raise Debt Ceiling Until December 3


The House of Representatives on Tuesday evening voted to raise the debt ceiling until December 3.

Lawmakers in the House voted along party lines 219-206 and followed the senate to temporarily raise the debt ceiling by $480 billion.

The Hill reported:

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The House on Tuesday cleared legislation to raise the debt limit into early December, ensuring that the nation doesn’t default on its debts next week but setting up another fiscal cliff at the end of the year.

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The rule outlines floor debate parameters for unrelated bills with a provision automatically deeming the short-term debt limit extension that the Senate approved last week as passed.

The temporary measure for raising the debt limit will only offer lawmakers a brief reprieve from the partisan impasse once President Biden signs it into law.

Another stopgap measure to fund the government also expires on Dec. 3, meaning Democrats will yet again have to find a way to prevent potential fiscal calamity in the twin threats of a shutdown and a default.

According to reports, more than 150 lawmakers voted by proxy to avoid flying back to DC from recess.

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