‘I’m just NOT that fragile’: Jason Whitlock blasts ESPN analyst’s tearful response to Jon Gruden email comments

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As the media overreacts to a decade-old email from Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden about DeMaurice Smith, BlazeTV’s Jason Whitlock breaks down the reality of the situation on the latest episode of “Fearless.”

On Sunday, ESPN’s Randy Moss was literally brought to tears when discussing a controversial email from 2011 in which Gruden reportedly mocked the size of black NFL Players Association executive DeMaurice Smith’s lips. Gruden stepped down as the head coach of the Raiders on Monday.

Whitlock blasted Moss’ tearful “performance,” calling the on-air conversation “one of the most dishonest and unsophisticated TV discussions” he’s ever seen.

“Gruden is a football coach. Language is brutal and raw in a football environment. It’s not remotely PC. Randy Moss has heard football coaches, executives, and players — black and white — say far worse things than DeMaurice Smith has enormous lips. Randy Moss has said far worse things. We all have,” Whitlock stated.

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“Moss should win an Academy Award for best leading actor,” he added. “But here’s the important question … are we, black men, are we so fragile that Gruden’s opinion on Smith’s enormous lips can reduce us to tears? I’m just not that fragile. The opinion of white men just isn’t that important to me. Gruden’s email doesn’t impact my life. I like my big lips, love them. I’m not ashamed of them.”

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