BREAKING: Armed Person Detained at J6 Rally is Undercover Agent, Pulls Out Badge (VIDEO)


There was a heavy police presence at the US Capitol on Saturday in anticipation of a rally in support of the January 6 political prisoners.

Demonstrators will show support for the January 6 political prisoners on Saturday.

Hundreds of non-violent Trump supporters are currently in jail awaiting trial for walking through the Capitol on January 6.

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But it was all a set up.

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There were more police, reporters and undercover intelligence agents than protesters in Washington DC.

The only armed person arrested on Saturday was an undercover agent.

Reporter Ford Fischer caught the whole thing on video.

Police surrounded a masked man who was armed with a firearm.

The masked man told officers where his gun was and pulled out a badge.

“Without disarming or handcuffing him, police extract him from the event.” Ford Fischer said.


“Are you under cover?” the officers asked as the man pulled out a badge.

Watch Ford Fischer describe what he witnessed:

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