‘They’ve taken away the symbol of the American flag’: Restaurant owner speaks out after being FINED for flying flags on July 4

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Terry Trobiani owns Gianelli’s Drive Thru in Prairie Grove, Illinois, where he put up a row of American flags for the Fourth of July. But the city claimed he was displaying two of them improperly and issued him a $100 ticket for each flag.

Terry joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Tuesday to explain what he believes really happened. He told Glenn that, according to city ordinance, the American flag is considered “ornamental” and should therefore have been permitted on a federal holiday. But the city has now classified the flag as a “sign.”

“Apparently, the village of Prairie Grove has classified the American flag as a sign and they’ve taken away the symbol of the American flag,” Terry said. “So, as a sign, it falls under their temporary sign ordinance, which prohibits any flying, or any positioning of signs on your property — and now this includes the American flag. […] The only way I could fly the American flag on my property is if I put it on a permanent 20 to 30-foot flagpole, which they have to permit.”

Terry went on to explain how the city is now demanding an apology for his actions, and all after more than a year of small-business crushing COVID restrictions and government mandates.

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“COVID was tough,” Terry stated. “You know, we’re in the restaurant business. COVID was tough on us. We succeeded. We made it through. We cut a lot of things, but we never cut an employee. We paid all our employees. I didn’t take a paycheck for a year just to keep our employees on, because it was that important to me to keep things going. And, you know, you fight for a year, and you beat a pandemic, and then you have this little municipality with five trustees and a president, who just have no respect for small businesses. And right now, what I see is they have no respect for the republic and the United States … I think it’s terrible. The direction that government, at all levels, have taken us to this point, it’s despicable.”

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

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  3. It is hard to believe such critics call themselves “Americans,” yet act so un-American and persecute true Americans. Such critics should lose any position of influence they have and should be required to apologize to real Americans. I don’t recommend “execution,” but I do recommend loss of jobs and positions of influence. I suspect there is some law that would facilitate jail time!

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