‘Unwoke’ With Kevin and Kruiser #4: ‘Grandpa, What Was Comedy Like in the 1980s?’

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Pardon Our Tardiness

This was meant to post over the weekend but there were some glitches that we had to wait until Monday to get resolved. And then something went haywire when I finally did publish it and that had to be worked out.

I’m starting to feel like the NSA doesn’t want this episode posted.


Kevin and I wax nostalgic in this episode about our early days on the road doing stand-up. I’m thrilled to have survived all of that. We also get into a discussion about performance anxiety. NO, NOT THAT KIND. Each of us gets hit with a weird thing before we go on stage.

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We also discuss last week’s brouhaha between Black Rifle Coffee and The New York Times.

I am very much looking forward to doing our first bourbon tasting on the next show.


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