Biden’s Open Borders: 2-Year-Old Migrant Child Dropped Off on Mexican Highway Next to Corpse


Via Univision

A two-year-old migrant child was discovered by police after he was dropped off on a Mexican highway on his way to the US.
The child was found next to the corpse of a man who died in an overcrowded trailer on their way to the US.

This is a common practice by coyotes and cartels who are taking advantage of Joe Biden’s open borders policies.

The US has apprehended over a million illegals this year entering the US.
That’s just the number that they caught — not including the dangerous migrants who are avoiding the police.

Patriot Fire has more.

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A two-year-old boy was abandoned by his father and their cartel coyote on a highway in southern Mexico. The boy was found next to a dead man, who had suffocated in the freight truck in which they were crammed with a large number of other persons being smuggled. The photo below from a different report on the same event shows the corpse next to the boy.

This is the common way to be smuggled across Mexico in the back of a freight truck packed together with others, often in danger of dying from dehydration and suffocation. The Mexican immigration authorities and federal police do detain and deport would be illegal immigrants, if they do not have the proper documents. This is why they have to pay many thousands of dollars in fees and take loans from the cartel to be smuggled by the cartel across Mexico to the U.S. border.

The parents should both be charged with child endangerment. This post is not made to generate sympathy for mostly unqualified “refugees” trying to enter the United States, but to show how inhumane Biden’s policy is of allowing them to exploit a child as free pass. It promotes trafficking of children often by their own parents as a means to quickly and easily enter the U.S. when they are not eligible for asylum. More here.

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