NEW NewsBusters Podcast: Even Nickelodeon Submits to the Church of Trans

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Liberals love to mourn how we’ve lost the ability to have a “shared set of facts.” But when it comes to gender, they’re the ones who run away from the facts. 

Media outlets from CNN to the The New York Times have slavishly attacked Republicans in South Dakota for the “transphobic” act of attempting to keep “males” — put in scare quotes – out of women’s sports. “Facts First” CNN insisted against all common sense that “there is no consensus criteria for assigning sex at birth.” Looking at the genitalia is apparently far too simplistic and judgmental.

Even Nickelodeon – the TV network for children – feels compelled to celebrate the “Trans Day of Visibility” on Twitter with a video from a trans actor touting “our personal truth.” Religious orthodoxy has faded, and a new secular “gender identity” orthodox is being imposed. 

Senior media analyst Kyle Drennen comes aboard to discuss NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt winning an “Edward R. Murrow Award” from Washington State University. In a speech, Holt said “I think it’s become clear that fairness is overrated.”

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