EXCLUSIVE: Delaware News Station Threatens to Have GOP Congressional Candidate Arrested for Press Conference


Delaware news station WBOC has threatened to have America First congressional candidate Lauren Witzke arrested if she held a press conference in front of their station.

Witzke, who is running on a net zero immigration moratorium and putting Americans First, has been supporting the owner of the V Spa, which received a cease and desist notice from the state for planning to reopen in protest of the shut down order.

“Governor Carney’s excessive COVID-19 lockdowns have reached a boiling point today,” Witzke told the Gateway Pundit. “Not is he preventing small business owners from putting food on the table for their families, but now he’s clearly violated the First Amendment in threatening to arrest and fine peaceful protesters. My opponent Chris Coons is silent as our rights are being trampled.”

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When the spa received the cease and desist order, Witzke contacted the news station attempting to get some coverage of the issue. Upon their refusal, she announced that she will be holding a press conference outside their station.

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  1. It depends on what WBOC defines “protesting”. According to the NBC News, People that loot and burn shops, and create mayhem and violence, are only to be referred to as “protesters” rather than “Rioters”.

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