Pandemic Thoughts: Maybe Karma Is Punishing Us for Nancy Pelosi

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There has been an overwhelming amount of finger-point here in the coronavirus plague era. Democrats blame President Trump for not taking the threat seriously. President Trump blames China for being coy and lying about the outbreak. The media blames whomever the Democrats blame, of course, because they’re mindless chimps.

And on it goes.

I felt like doing a little blaming of my own this week and came up with a new theory: What if this is all karma for letting Nancy Pelosi stay in power for so long?

Yes, I’m aware that none of the readers here are responsible for keeping Granny Boxwine in office, but karma isn’t picky. It washes over like a wave and covers everyone in its path. Pelosi is on her second go-round as the third most powerful person in the United States and it’s difficult for the rest of us to duck the wave with her out in front like that.

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Pelosi is an awful human being who — even more than most politicians — is truly just about doing what’s best for herself. Yes, we long ago lost the true spirit of a representative republic, but Pelosi may be the worst of the bunch.

Let us just take a look at her recent quarantine-era antics.

Not only was Pelosi still busy with her impeachment circus after it was first reported that the virus was spreading, she was condemning the travel restrictions the president placed on China, then she was grandstanding and encouraging people to go out and mingle. This at a time when she would later say that President Trump should have been taking it all more seriously.

Grandstanding is Granny’s forte. She loves getting in front of cameras, even though she is always a hot mess of fragmented thoughts and slurred words, leaving millions of Americans muttering prayers for the health of the president and vice-president. It matters not that she is a train wreck in virtually every televised or public appearance, the press — just like they do with Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep — dutifully runs interference and pretends that all is well in Chardonnay Land.

It would be difficult to compile a list of Pelosi’s most egregiously awful grandstanding hits but surely her penchant for delaying aid to suffering Americans during this economic shutdown would have to rank at the top. We are less than two months into this and she’s already managed to do it twice. In March, she got Chuck Schumer to dance for her and hold up the relief package in the Senate for three crucial days.

Now, she and Schumer are stonewalling additional desperately-needed relief for small business so she can jam a bunch of unrelated prog garbage into the package. Is she feeling bad about this? No, she’s posing in front of two massive refrigerators in her home and letting out of work Americans know that she has plenty of upscale ice cream.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw from Texas summed it up nicely:

Oh, Pelosi also decided that she needed more time off from trying to figure out how to get the commoners back to work.


What’s really rich about Pelosi’s stall tactics is that she’s spent the last several years deriding Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for doing the same. Cocaine Mitch, however, was stalling a parade of bills that only appeal to the far, far, far, far left. She’s blocking money to people who are worried about eating.

So what if all of this was caused by a different kind of bat? Hey, I’m just spitballin’ here and, of course, I will use any pretense to express my dislike for all things Pelosi.

Most of us can’t do anything as far as getting the karmic scourge that is Nancy Pelosi out of office. However, desperate times are when we should be thinking outside the box. This might be a good time to put California on the market and sell it to the highest bidder.

Like China, maybe.

I will always be a problem solver for you, dear readers.


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