Texans Chant “Let us Work!” and “Fire Fauci!” at Coronavirus Lockdown Protest at State Capitol (VIDEOS)


Texans gathered at the State Capitol in Austin on Saturday to participate in a rally dubbed, “You Can’t Close America” in protest of the Coronavirus lockdown.

Protesters were chanting, “fire Fauci!” and “let us work!”

Dr. Anthony Fauci led the country into a lockdown by touting inaccurate IHME Coronavirus doomsday models.

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The IHME doomsday models predicted 200,000 Americans would die if strict lockdown and social distancing measures were put in place.

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Week after week the IHME models were proven to be wrong and the doomsday predictors refused to explain how they even came up with their projections that ultimately led to 22 million Americans losing their jobs in ONE MONTH.

Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx ignored all of the other Coronavirus models that projected 20,000-40,000 deaths and caused mass hysteria across the country.

Now people are furious and demanding Fauci be fired.


“Let us work!”


“Open your salons! Open your barber shops! Open your businesses!”


Alex Jones showed up to the rally in his armored vehicle.


Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced plans to slowly start opening the state’s economy next week.

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