Bloomberg is at U.N. climate conference: “Because Donald Trump is not”


Billionaire presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg flew to Madrid, Spain to participate in the U.N. annual climate change conference (COP25). Why you might rightfully ask? He took it upon himself to go because President Trump did not.

“The reason I am here in Madrid is really pretty simple: I am here because no one from the White House is here.” Bloomberg conveniently had a report all ready to talk about to his audience described by Washington Post as an “overflowing crowd”. Bloomberg, as it happens, founded America’s Pledge, in response to the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement. Jerry Brown, formerly known as California’s Governor Moonbeam, co-founded the initiative.

Bloomberg states that “an unprecedented number” of cities, states, colleges, and businesses have reaffirmed commitments to the goals of the Paris Agreement since Trump’s decision.

Building on this positive momentum, the America’s Pledge initiative will for the first time aggregate the commitments of these and other “non-Party actors” in a report on the full range of climate-related activities across the whole of U.S. society. The process of developing America’s Pledge will also provide a roadmap for increased climate ambition from U.S. states, cities, businesses and others, and will transparently demonstrate to the international community how and in which ways these entities can help the U.S. deliver on its pledge under the Paris Agreement.

America’s Pledge is part of the American Cities Initiative, a suite of investments that empower cities to generate innovation and advance policy that moves the nation forward.

In other words, Bloomberg flew to Madrid to take his government nanny playbook to other world leaders. By stepping up to fill in for President Trump he thinks he is showing leadership. Thank you, Mike Bloomberg, for saving us. Let’s face it – this trip is all about his 2020 presidential campaign. He wants to bring his moral superiority to the world stage because he sees it as a trial run for when he is voted the leader of the free world in the next election. It’s obvious that he has convinced himself that he will be the next president. You have probably noticed that in his televised political ads – really just one or two, so far – that he doesn’t challenge his fellow Democrats vying for the party’s nomination, he only goes after Trump. His ads are general election ads, not primary ads.

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Perhaps Bloomberg missed the news that Speaker Pelosi led a CODEL of Democrats to Madrid when COP25 opened. She and thirteen House Democrats plus one Democrat senator flew in to spread the message that they were there to “combat the existential threat of our time: the climate crisis”. I don’t know what she thinks the delegation “combatted” but hey, they got a swell trip and international photo ops out of it.

Bloomberg told his audience that solving the problem of climate change won’t even take a lot of money, it will just take some common sense. This will come as a surprise to AOC and Bernie Sanders, as they embrace a total revolution that turns America into a socialist country instead of our current system which allows our comfortable lifestyles and livelihoods. Passage and implementation of the Green New Deal would destroy American capitalism, innovation, and our entire way of life, moving us more backward in time than forward.

“Beating climate change won’t require a miracle, it won’t require limitless resources,” Mr. Bloomberg told the crowd at the packed event. “It will require leadership and common sense.”

No word on whether or not Bloomberg flew to Madrid on his private jet. Also, no word on if he is participating in any demonstrations while he’s in town.

Bloomberg said if he is elected president (you know in his mind it is “when” he is elected president) one of the first things he will do is re-enter the Paris Agreement. As a matter of fact, he wants to increase America’s comittment to reducing emmissions. There is no data showing another nation reducing emmissions at a higher level than the United States, but never mind.

Perhaps Mr. Bloomberg can wag his finger at our European betters. As it turns out, the entire EU delegation flew to Madrid from Brussels instead of taking a train. The lesson here is that while travel by train is easier on the environment, it is not practical for most travel.

Meanwhile it has been confirmed the entire European Union delegation flew from their offices in Brussels to the Madrid conference.

“We were looking for our delegates to come here by train, but it would have taken 14 hours,” said Elina Bardram, head of the international unit at the climate action directorate (DG Clima). “As we rely on taxpayer money, we couldn’t make that choice.”

Meanwhile, the millions of dollars that Bloomberg has spent so far on political ads has gotten him up to 5.5% in the national average at Real Clear Politics. It’s only in his own head that he hears “Hail to the Chief” when he enters a room.

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