Jersey City Mayor Says Security Footage Shows Shooters Targeted Jewish Grocery Store

(File photo: Joshua Lott/Reuters)

Jersey City mayor Steven Fulop confirmed on Wednesday after reviewing security footage that gunmen targeted a Jewish grocery store in a deadly shooting, which left six people dead.

The New York Times reported Wednesday that one of the suspects had “published anti-Semitic and anti-police posts online and investigators believe the attack was motivated by those sentiments.” Investigators also found a manifesto-style note inside the shooters’ van, according to officials familiar with the case.

“Last night after extensive review of our CCTV system it has now become clear from the cameras that these two individuals targeted the Kosher grocery location on MLK Dr,” Fulop tweeted. The mayor, who is himself Jewish, praised police for their immediate response, which likely “prevented the perpetrators from leaving that location and harming any further civilians.”

The shooting began on Tuesday after two suspects — a man and a woman — shot a police officer who approached the couple’s U-Haul van, which was linked to the murder of a livery driver over the weekend. Jersey City police chief Michael Kelly said the officer, Detective Joseph Seals, was killed “while trying to interdict the bad guys” and was the department’s leading police officer in getting guns off of Jersey City streets.

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The suspects then drove the van to Jersey City Kosher Supermarket on Martin Luther King Drive, where a standoff started a little after noon.

Law-enforcement sources told NBC New York that video footage shows the duo shooting a Hasidic man on the street and then running into the store, where they began firing at the victims inside. The suspects were armed with long guns and plenty of ammo and had bomb-making materials inside the truck, officials said.

After the ensuing gun battle with police, five people were found dead inside the store, including the two suspects. Two officers were injured outside the store.

Public-safety director James Shea praised the police for its response.

“The police department was immediately on the scene interjecting,” Shea said. “Most active shooters end when the police arrive. In this case, one of our officers gave his life immediately trying to prevent what subsequently occurred. Two more officers were shot trying to prevent it and the Jersey City Police Department continued to respond and engage those people to minimize any possible of damage.”

President Trump tweeted on the incident, saying, “Our thoughts & prayers are w/ the victims & their families during this very difficult & tragic time.”

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