The best political ad ever?


A late night treat to cleanse the palate. Either you’ve seen “Love, Actually” and immediately get the joke here, or you haven’t seen it and—

Ah, you know what, you don’t have to have seen it. Just watch it and wait for the sheepdog.

I like it not just for the concept but for how it makes an asset out of Boris Johnson’s goofball persona. An interview with a British woman made the rounds on social media a few weeks ago because of her reply when asked whom she favored in Thursday’s parliamentary elections. She didn’t care for “the red man,” she said, by which of course she meant Jeremy Corbyn. But she wasn’t thrilled with “the buffoon” either, a reference to you know who. If you’re the Tories, you’ve got to figure out how to make the buffoonery work for you. Sometimes it doesn’t…

…but sometimes it does, as you’ll see below. Who do you want in charge, this guy or the one with a Facebook fan page run by Hamas?

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The latest polls have Johnson’s party ahead of Labour by 10 points or so, although the race might be tightening in the home stretch. Conservatives are expected to win at least a plurality of seats, although a plurality won’t do them much good. That’s the point of the ad. The dividing line demographically appears to be age, with this poll from late October capturing one of the more amazing correlations I’ve ever seen in a political survey:

Whether younger Brits are pro-Labour because of Corbynism or in spite of it, and whether their strong preference for the party is being driven by Brexit skepticism or broader affinity for socialism, is above my pay grade. Having Labour take a beating on Thursday will shed some light since it likely means the end of the Corbyn era and a shift towards something more centrist and electable.

Anyway, as enjoyable as this, his “baby boom” comment makes me think he should have done a “Caddyshack” parody ad instead: “We’re all gonna get laid!”

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