Why did a Polish politician tweet old photo of gun gesture against Trump?


A Polish politician tweeted out an old picture Thursday showing him making an odd gesture behind President Trump’s back. The reason seems to be an attempt to take a poke at President Trump. Why else would Donald Tusk, the former head of the EU Council, tweet a photo taken at the G7 summit in Canada last year instead of the NATO summit in London earlier this week?

The kids call it being “thirsty” – having a thirst for attention. It looks like Mr. Tusk wants to insert himself into the kerfuffle over the video that went viral on social media of some world leaders gossiping behind President Trump’s back in London. Tusk wasn’t a part of the little circle of world leaders standing and gossiping together at a cocktail party in Buckingham Palace hosted by Queen Elizabeth ll.

We don’t know if Tusk was even at the social gathering since he is no longer the head of the EU Council. Maybe he is just jealous that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was holding court with the likes of French President Macron, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and Princess Anne. Trudeau, though, was actually griping that Trump was late for cocktails. Not only does Trump not drink, but the back-stabbing conversation had to do with Trump being too generous with time during press opportunities.

Liberals and other anti-Trumpers looked at the conversation as a slam against Trump from the others – you know, our international betters. Conservatives and Trump supporters, however, viewed the viral video as proof that it’s probably a good thing for Trump to be seen as independent from European groupthink. So, when Tusk weighed in with his random tweet, it looked as though he was piling on with the snarky set.

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Does his gesture look like he’s making a gun with his fingers behind Trump’s back? Yeah, it kind of does look like that. Was it an intentional passive-aggressive move? Maybe. Tusk already had a reputation for not exactly being President Trump’s biggest fan. In September, as Tusk delivered his last address to the UN General Assembly in New York, he called Trump’s view of patriotism “false and dangerous.” He went on to say, “To protect the truth, it is not enough to accuse others of promoting fake news. Frankly speaking, it would be enough to stop lying.” There isn’t anything subtle in those words, is there? Tusk was angered that Trump promoted the idea that Russia joins the G7. He called it a “business calculation”. Tusk doesn’t appreciate Trump calling out other NATO members for lagging behind in financial commitments. Trump’s a businessman, not a politician. That should be clear to everyone by now. He doesn’t go out of his way to be amiable, like, say, Barack Obama who is a part of the blame-America-first club on the world stage.

You can see for yourself in the picture that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is standing by Trump’s side. Tusk is behind Trump. Merkel’s face is too hard to read, though. She was definitely looking at Tusk but I can’t tell if she’s surprised or amused.

Tusk isn’t any old politician. He has been involved in politics since the 1990s. He’s the former prime minister of Poland, the former head of the EU Council, and on November 20, 3019, he was elected as the president of the European People’s Party (EPP). The EPP is Europe’s largest transnational political party. He has formed several political parties. He can garner attention, I would imagine, without reposting an old photo on Twitter. This does, though, prove that a sure way to be noticed is to involve President Trump in a lame gesture.

American presidents are usually not looked upon fondly by Europeans. Obama was an exception for a while but eventually he, too, was looked upon with disdain. His frequent apology tours abroad began to be seen for what they were – liberal pandering that often looked like a sign of weakness. There is a good piece in the New York Post today that reminds readers that our European betters called George W. Bush stupid and Ronald Reagan simply a Hollywood actor. They looked upon Bill Clinton as a country bumpkin with a fondness for fast food. Mostly, Europeans hate America’s success.

Once again, President Trump exposes other world leaders for what they are – no better than any middle school’s mean girls in how they conduct themselves socially. The Polish politician looks no better than the rest of them.

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