Week eight: Fire Drill Friday featuring Young Sheldon star edition


As everyone else is enjoying Thanksgiving leftovers and looking for some good deals during Black Friday sales, the work of the climate alarmists doesn’t take a break. This week’s protest on the steps of Capitol Hill included actor Paul Scheer (Black Monday, The League, Veep) and the child (age 11) star of CBS’s Young Sheldon, Iain Armitage.

Scheer is married to June Diane Raphael. Raphael plays Fonda’s daughter in Netflix’s Grace and Frankie. Young Iain played Fonda’s grandson in Netflix’s Our Souls at Night. Here’s a fun fact: Young Iain is the grandson of Richard Armitage. Yes, that Richard Armitage.

The theme this week is food justice and agriculture. Joining in on the protest were Fridays for Future USA and Fridays for Future D.C. Fridays for Future, you may remember, is the work of climate alarmist teen guru Greta Thunberg. Students across the globe skip school on Fridays to protest climate change. Who needs actual education if they can play hookey and listen to climate alarmist propaganda one day a week? Miss Thunberg now travels the world spreading her message of gloom and doom and picking up some awards along the way.

This week Jane Fonda and her merry minions lectured about the damage to the environment due to human consumption of meat – cattle ranching to be specific. Of course, she worked the Green New Deal into her lecture.

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“We have to very seriously understand the impacts of cattle ranching on climate and cut back or completely eliminate eating meat. We don’t need it every day or at all,” Fonda said.

Fonda said the agriculture sector should be transformed on the model laid out in the Green New Deal, a proposal introduced by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The rise of Greta Thunberg in Europe and now around the world, including America, as a sage and savvy political activist is well-documented. To many of us, she is a teenager who is being exploited by the adults in her life to promote a socialist utopia. She is the face of youthful resistance. She looks young, she’s petite and wears her hair in long pigtails. She’s almost waifish. Jane Fonda specifically names Thunberg as one who has inspired and educated her on the urgency of climate change. It is literally a case of adults being lectured on public policy and scientific theories by children. You can’t make this stuff up.

Since Fonda promised from the very beginning of her grand adventure of weekly protests, celebrities and public figures have joined in on the demonstrations. How sad that Armitage’s parents and adults in his life allowed him to be exploited by Fonda and her friends. When a reporter asked if he would be arrested Friday, he replied, “Unfortunately not. I’m too young.” You can see Fonda guiding him away from the reporter as he stopped to answer her question.

Young Sheldon spoke. You know, if he was a child genius in real life and didn’t just play one in a television series, he could have written his own speech. Instead, it just sounds like generic leftist rhetoric.

Armitage climbed a small ladder during his speech so he could see over the podium. Armitage said he was proud to be from a family of vegetarians and said he is concerned about how climate change affects farm workers.

“Despite all of the ways our food systems can harm the climate, I’m also learning that if we change how we farm and reduce our use of pesticides we can make ourselves happier and healthier,” Armitage said.

This week Capitol Hill police report that 36 adults and one juvenile were arrested during the protest. One of the speakers was from Fridays for Future D.C. She was dressed in black because she is in mourning or something and invited the audience to stay after the speeches (if they weren’t arrested) and attend a funeral for what has been lost because of climate change. She must have been cold standing there in her sleeveless outfit. It’s all about the drama with this crowd.

Jane and her child protege, young Iain, cheered the protesters as they were arrested. Solidarity, baby.

Jane Fonda found a spot to cheer on her gullible friends as they were arrested and carted off to jail. It looks like Young Iain escaped arrest, too.

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