The Morning Briefing: Sexist Dems Are Souring On Fauxcahontas


Hillary 2.0 Is A No-Go

My always-incisive colleague Stephen Green wrote a post yesterday that examined the current state of the Democratic presidential race, specifically the shifting at the top due to the recent tumble in the polls by Elizabeth Warren:

Warren’s support peaked in the first week of October, when the commentariat was all aflutter that a progressive woman-of-perhaps-some-color had eclipsed boring old Biden in the polls, even if only barely. That’s the same time Sanders saw his support dip to six-month lows.

But something remarkable has happened in the last six weeks or so. Warren’s early October high has worn off, while Sanders has steadily crept back up in the polls. The result is that the two are in a virtual heat for second place.

That VodkaPundit post was written earlier in the day, and the news was only going to get worse for Fauxcahontas later:

new one from Quinnipiac is “just one poll,” as the data nerds like to say, except … it’s not really “just one poll.” As we’ll see momentarily, Warren has been slipping in lots of polls over the past month and a half. And her downturn in today’s data isn’t really a “slip,” it’s a minor catastrophe. She went from 28 percent in Quinnipiac’s last poll, good enough to lead the pack, to 14 percent today. Half of her support vanished.

Both Mayor Pete and Bernie have ascended during Lizzie’s downward plunge, so she has lost ground to a moderate and her main socialist rival. This has to be about more than just her particular place on the ideological spectrum.

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The other notable swan dive in the polls these past few months has been by Kamala Harris, who also spent some time as the candidate most likely to topple Der Bidengaffer.

Both Mr. Green and Allahpundit provide erudite analysis about Warren’s slide in the posts I’ve linked to above.

I, however, am here merely to mock.

With Warren moving to the bottom of the top tier and Harris having exited it permanently, the top is heavy with Y chromosomes.

Whiter than white Y chromosomes.

The Democrats constantly revel in their diversity and appeal to youth. Their flying monkeys in the media never let us forget about it. They have a chance in this election to make all of that mean something but it’s not playing out that way. It really never was going to. I’ve been having fun dragging them about this since earlier in the year:

That combined age is now 155. And that tweet reflected polling from seven months ago. They’re right back where they started, despite all of the various pieces moving around the board in the interim.

They’ve engaged in a lot of diversity kabuki theater, playing make-believe with Harris and Warden, then pivoting to the comfort of the arms of elderly white men. Elderly white men who are clinically insane.

Have fun with that next year.

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