The Morning Briefing: Ana Navarro’s Mouth-Food In, Racism Out


She’s Building Up An Appetite For Thursday

One of the worst people to have emerged as a media personality based solely on hatred for President Trump is Ana Navarro. She’s my least favorite, actually. Her biggest accomplishments are hitching her star to three super-loser presidential bids (John McCain, Jon Huntsman, and Jeb Bush), and putting down her sandwich long enough to audition for an on-air gig.

Navarro manages to maximize her stupidity during those rare sandwich-free moments, and on Monday decided to up her idiot game by throwing some racism into the mix.

After news began circulating that African-American support is on the rise, Navarro swapped the sandwich for a virtual foot in her mouth:

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Rasmussen disagrees:

Navarro actually rivals Never Trump Idiot King Bill Kristol in number of hot takes that go cold almost immediately. She’s got the intellectual agility of AOC’s lint roller.

Maybe Navarro thought no one would notice that she was wrong if she added a boatload of racial insensitivity. My guess is that she doesn’t think at all.

Singer Joy Villa hit Navarro with a nice zinger over this:

I’d pay to watch that.

Another Reminder That Liberalism Destroys All Humanity In People

Never Trumper Tool Tom Nichols Discovers That Left Still Hates Him Despite His Sucking Up 

Megan wrote more about this here from another angle. This story mentions Nichols specifically, and it’s pure entertainment. The upper echelon of the Never Trumpers have been dining out on being useful idiots for the Left for three years now. One thing these “principled” geniuses haven’t figured out is that the Left thinks of them more as idiots than useful.

It’s fun seeing Nichols get dragged like this — he’s pretty much the Ana Navarro of Never Trumpers — but he’s right about Indian food. I’d rather not clean my cat’s litter box for a month than smell curry in my house.


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