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There’s no mystery as to how the impeachment process will end for Trump but there is a mystery as to how it’ll end for Adam Schiff. Namely, what is this guy going to do with himself on Sunday mornings when there’s no longer a reason to put him on TV?

He’ll worry about that problem later. For the moment, he’s the lead guest on this week’s chat shows. He’ll sit down with “Meet the Press” and “State of the Union” to put a bow on the House’s public impeachment hearings this week and field some uncomfortable questions about how the process is playing among the wider public. It’s unimaginable that House Democrats won’t have the votes they need to impeach after all this but it’s perfectly imaginable that there’ll be multiple nays from their own caucus among moderate Dems who are worried about the fallout. If Pelosi and Schiff squeak by with a bare majority of 218, it’ll be a humiliation no matter how happy a face he tries to put on it.

Elsewhere this morning, the most quotable man in the Senate, John Kennedy, will be on “Fox News Sunday” to preview Trump’s impeachment trial and to further expound on the long delay in finding out exactly how Jeffrey Epstein died. Eric Swalwell will appear on the same show to discuss his ringside seat at this past week’s hearings as a member of the Intelligence Committee and maybe also to field a delicate question from Chris Wallace about whether he really did pop a stank balloon on “Hardball” a few days ago.

One more guest of note: Kellyanne Conway will chat with “Face the Nation” about impeachment and whether Pelosi really does have 218 votes after all. Will Margaret Brennan press her about the president’s joke on Friday that she must have “done a number” on her husband George to make him such a “wack job”? Conway’s usual reply when asked about George is to cry sexism. That might not work as well on the lone Sunday show hosted by a woman anchor. The full line-up is at the AP.

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