Elizabeth Warren told a charter school advocate ‘My kids went to public schools,’ but is it true?


This is an interesting story for several reasons. It appears Warren lied to a charter school advocate yesterday by claiming she sent her kids to public schools. There is evidence that Warren’s son Alex attended private school for at least one year when she lived in Texas but so far Warren hasn’t acknowledged that.

It all started yesterday when Elizabeth Warren was giving a speech at Clark-Atlanta University in Georgia, a historically black college. Moments after she started speaking Warren was interrupted by a large group of protesters who came to the rally in matching t-shirts which read “Powerful Parent Network.”

I think the chant here is actually, “Our children, our choice.” In any case, “Powerful Parent Network” is a grassroots group of black parents who support charter schools. One of the group’s organizers, Sarah Carpenter, is featured in a video on the GoFundMe page started earlier this month to cover the cost of busing supporters to this rally specifically for the purpose of confronting Warren on her anti-charter education policy.

As you can see below, Warren was completely flustered by the protest and had to be bailed out by squad-member Ayanna Pressley. As Pressley came up on stage to calm the crowd, Warren said to her, “What do we do with this?”

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Pressley told the protesters, “we would love to convene after this about the issue that you are here to stoke our consciousness about.” That meeting did in fact take place after the rally but one thing that Warren said to Sarah Carpenter may not have been true. Carpenter said she’d read that Warren’s kids when to private school and Warren replied, “No, my children went to public schools.”

Earlier this month, school choice advocate Corey DeAngelis wrote about his discovery of records that show Warren’s son Alex attended a private school in Texas during the time she was teaching there:

One of Warren’s main talking points on education is that she attended traditional public schools as a child. But that decision was likely more her parents’ than hers. The more relevant question is where she chose to send her own kids.

Until now, no one has been able to answer that question. Although Education Week tried, writers Alyson Klein and Maya Riser-Kositsky reported that Warren’s campaign “did not respond to inquiries about where she sent her children.” I e-mailed the Warren campaign the same question and similarly didn’t receive a response…

There was little information regarding her children’s K-12 educations on the Internet. But using her son Alex Warren’s full name and birth year (1976), I searched for school yearbooks on the premium version of Ancestry.com and found one record from 1987. The fifth-grade yearbook picture indeed appears to be Warren’s son, matching family photos online.

The record was from Kirby Hall School, a private school only a half-mile from the University of Texas at Austin, where Warren taught.

Here’s the photo from the Kirby Hall yearbook:

And here is the comparison photo.

It certainly looks like the same kid. DeAngelis doesn’t know if Alex attended Kirby Hall any other year but this one. Also, DeAngelis notes the tuition in 2019 is about $18,000 per year but it was much less back when Alex would have been a student there in the 80s. But the issue isn’t the money it’s the hypocrisy. If Warren did send her son to a private school then her flat denial to Sarah Carpenter was a lie. She should be asked to explain herself. I’m sure her adoring fans in the teacher’s unions would like to know more.

Here’s Sarah Carpenter giving an impromptu press conference at the Warren rally yesterday:

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