Quid Pro This! The Great Impeachment Turn-off


This “impeachment” is enough to prompt even the most dogged pro-Trump armchair politicos to reach for the remote. Bad enough to cause the president’s most loyal cable hounds to detach and find something better to do.

Reportedly, President Trump isn’t watching the impeachment proceedings. Can we surmise that legions of his supporters are tuning out this fake Democrat show trial as well? In Trump’s economy, they’re too busy for this nonsense.

It’s not just that sham impeachment is stultifyingly boring. It is what it says about the disgraceful Democrats, how utterly undeserving of major party status they are. You just don’t want to know.

A break is needed from Adam Schiff’s zombie-walk through the halls of Congress. It becomes impossible–though information is power—to lay eyes upon the House ghoul gallery as they stir like the witches that open Shakespeare’s Macbeth. You just, you can’t take it anymore.

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No worries, and yet, too many in the corrupt media are framing impeachment as something real. No mention of The Deep State, Brennan, Clapper, Obama’s potential culpability. A complete MSDNC and CNN blackout of the Hunter Biden connection and his father’s blatant quid pro quo. You tuned them out years ago, but you know what they’re saying.

Where is Rudy Giuliani?

The Fox News comfort segments are stretched thin. Lindsey Graham, promising that impeachment is DOA in the Senate, then hedging, saying he’ll do all he can. Majority Leader McConnell says yes, if it’s a trial they want, a trial they’ll get. Bring it, says Trump Country, you’ll regret it.

But don’t expect ratings. The president is not watching—let that be the code. We’ll catch the bombshells, if any, on the flippity-flip.  On Hannity.

As Walter Cronkite used to say, and that’s the way it is.

For Trump supporters, the “i” word connotes the “f” word. Revulsion against the governmental dysfunction impeachment in its 2019 iteration says about our nation. Impeachment with no high crimes, misdemeanors, rule infractions. A “whistleblower” among the most identified whistleblowers in history, and yet few dare speak his name. An ugly charade, inspired by the Democrat hate-base.

Trump news-watchers who hung around for the novelty of Mueller’s Russian collusion carnival, knowing from day one it was all a big lie, are up to the gills with hoax-fatigue. The word itself coming from the mouths of the corrupted media is like that undigested bit of beef that Ebenezer Scrooge thought might have brought the ghost of Jacob Marley to his door.

This should be about an election, not an election year impeachment.  The good stuff, the good fight. Griff Jenkins in front of a corn-dog stand in Iowa. Who’s up, down, out. We have a president to elect, or, much more likely, reelect. It should be about that, would be, except the Democrats know they can’t win that. Even as the House ghoul gallery enacts their disinterment of Mueller’s phantom probe, more empty, relevance-challenged suits stick their toes in the stagnant water.

Take nothing away from the hearty cable viewers who will hang on every development, each hearing, will monitor the proceedings gavel-to-gavel. The diligently-engaged are needed, as is Sean Hannity, to keep the machine humming.

But for many in Trump Country, the president again has the right idea. Nothing new to see here. The Democrats have wanted impeachment theater since–or was it before—the day Trump was inaugurated. Sad.

History will record 2020 as the election year that Democrats knew that a sorry exercise in futility was their only hope. When this pseudo-legal debacle and all the histrionic headlining is over, Trump’s troops will be there, in even greater numbers than before.

But they are likely bailing on the House impeachment. And don’t expect them to hunker down for a potential Senate trial either. America is open for business, and the people don’t have time for this ongoing blemish on the history of the United States.

Trump Country will, however, monitor what happens at the Senate trial, via conservative websites, talk radio, and Fox News prime time, as if the future of the Republican Party depends on the GOP performance. Because McConnell and company hold the Senate, it does.

Meanwhile, there’s got to be something better on television.

What’s this: Fonzie is about to jump the shark on Antenna TV, a Happy Days rerun of the final episode of the Cunningham’s visit to Hollywood all those years ago.

Check back with you later.

Mark Ellis is the author of A Death on the Horizon, a novel of political upheaval and cultural intrigue. He came aboard at PJ Media in 2015. His literary hangout is Liberty Island. Follow Mark on Twitter.


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