The Morning Briefing: Please Climate, Kill Earth So I Don’t Have to Hear About Greta Thunberg Again



While I certainly don’t count myself among those who worry about the fate of the planet — the old girl is just fine — the Cult of Greta Thunberg is beginning to make me hope they might be right. In fact, I’m kind of hoping that their predictions are too conservative and that I may soon be put out of their misery.

The rapid demise of our homeworld may be the only way we can get the climate hoaxers to shut up about Greta Thunberg.

When the Swedish Spectrum Truant was here last summer to march and whine, then to scold the idiots at the United Nations a few weeks later, I was wondering if there were laws somewhere that might require her to go back to school at some point.

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Apparently, there is no real premium on education in Sweden. Probably too cold.

Because progressives are secular, godless heathens, they have a bad habit of idolizing humans. Crabby little Greta has now become their Goddess of Scold, and she will apparently never go away.

Whenever the Left promotes someone to deity they immediately make it creepy. The veneration of Barack Obama would be the most prime example of that.

Now, it’s Svedka’s turn:

Of course, it’s San Francisco. They’re always up to something weird there:

They do love their posters, the progressives. Again, Obama comes to mind. Millions were inspired by the “Hope” poster, I felt like I needed a Silkwood shower every time I saw an oversized version of it.

At first, I felt for Thunberg. Her parents are obviously awful human beings. She seems to be enjoying her time in the spotlight a little too much lately, however.

Still, it’s the climate loons around her who make her so loathsome. They make everything awful. They’re making Thunberg extra-special awful though.

I live in a desert she makes me hope I have to start worrying about rising sea levels soon.

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