The Science Is Settled: Conservatives Are Better Dates Than Liberals


OK, maybe not science, but a survey from a singles site that says conservatives have dating skills that are superior to those of liberals.


The New York Post:

It’s a Grand Old Party — especially if you’re single.

Conservatives are much better at dating than liberals, according to a new survey by the over-50 dating app Lumen.

The company found that right-wingers are more direct than their left-wing counterparts. They clearly state to potential lovers what they are looking for in terms of life and romance, according to the findings.

Honesty and directness in dating…what madness is this?!?

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It’s probably easier to convey what you want when you know what you want. And when your wants are concrete and reality-based, it gets even better.

There is so much that can be inferred here. First, a little more from the survey:

They also value family and friendships higher than liberals and have a smaller, more intimate group of friends. By contrast, liberals tend to thrive in larger social groups. But left-leaners have their advantages, too — they are generally carefree and more fun than conservatives. And they’re more inclined to explore and travel the world than those who lean right, Lumen found.

I almost feel like that stuff about liberals was put in there because the company didn’t want to hurt their feelings. None of that syncs up with reality.

Liberals are some of the most miserable people around, especially these days. Ten minutes on any social media site will confirm that. These are the people who are scaring young people away from having children because they are convinced that the planet is going to die. Real joy-suckers, this lot.

Almost every conservative over the age of thirty-five (a pretty good sample) I know is pretty well traveled internationally. They may not do it any more than liberals do, but they don’t seem to do it any less.

If, however, you want somebody to be vague and/or passive-aggressive with you on a whimsical trip to France, slap that Bernie 2020 sticker on your car right away.

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