The Morning Briefing: MSM Finally Finds a Whistleblower It Doesn’t Like


The Enemy of the People, Pt. 2

It was just a couple of days ago here at the Briefing that we were lamenting the modern-day awfulness of the mainstream media and its involvement in covering for serial sexual predators and a serial pedophile. It was difficult to imagine that they could have found a way to make themselves look even more loathsome, but they did:

Treacher provides more details here, and sums it up nicely:

  1. ABC News protected Jeffrey Epstein
  2. Amy Robach complained, on camera, about the network protecting Jeffrey Epstein
  3. An ABC employee had access to the clip of Robach’s complaint, and it made its way to James O’Keefe
  4. That employee, who has since moved to CBS News, has been fired

These depraved psychopaths are the same people who have been having a love affair with whistleblowers ever since Chelsea Manning was just a traitor named Bradley. They lionized Edward Snowden and, for the past several weeks have been portraying the second-hand hearsay whistleblower in the impeachment nonsense as the second coming of John the Baptist.

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But the person who exposed just how long ABC was a perv hideout gets fired. The fact that CBS was willing to exact ABC’s revenge for them makes me wonder just how much more there is hidden.

They’ve just sent a message to anyone who may want to let us know.

Junior Shreds “The View” 

It was delicious watching Donald Trump Jr. deal with the Shrieking Estrogen Poisoning hens on “The View.” Kudos to him for heading into hostile territory and defending his father. I was on KABC radio in LA with my old friends Kira Davis and Leeann Tweeden talking about this yesterday. I told them that my favorite thing about Junior is that he’s basically a less filtered version of his dad.

Bridget Phetasy, FTW

“I’ll take ‘Which Democratic Candidate Is Even More Senile Than Joe Biden’ for a thousand, Alex.”

Pure Gold Response:

PJM Linktank

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